Regarding input lag, the Dell 2408 is about one frame behind the NEC 2490 and about three frames behind a CRT.
In the visual side by side comparison with CRT in the game (unfortunately this piece of video is missing) the difference is noticeable. It’s really noticeable when moving the picture back and forth. The Dell 2408 reacts after a visible delay. It’s definitely short but definitely visible.
This delay has no effect on the mouse movement in everyday use.
It’s means nothing at all for movie playback.
How bad is it for gaming?
Let experts say.
So, now and again. Individual perception…
There is no doubt, zero input lag is always welcome.
The Dell 2408 was tested with DVI connection only and factory settings on.
For those who are planning to test this monitor input lag vs CRT: try both DVI on defolt settings and HDMI in video mode – give a chance for a wonder to happen. HDMI spoils video, maybe it fixes input lag, who knows… It’s just occurred but my friends already took the monitor.

Please open Part #4 of the supplemental video.
“Shooting session” from FarCry.
Dell 2408 vs NEC 2490. You can stop video any time and try to catch something.
The Dell 2408 is slightly behind.
Note: before I reached this point of the game (to shoot clouds in a quiet place without being disturbed) I had to kill all the enemies… It works!
“Less shooting” games (like NFS) have no problem with input lag at all. Shall we raise panic about the Dell 2408 input lag? I don’t think so.