The older model 2407-HC out of the box had general greenish tint on everything white, like MS Word working area. So it was necessary for that monitor to get it calibrated or at least carefully adjusted before the use.
The Dell 2408 is free of that problem. The white is white.
Another little detail I can mention is a kind of greenish halo or shadows on texts. It’s more visible when surfing Internet, depending on the content. This effect can be minimized practically to zero with proper calibration. Also a subject to brightness control level.

At a sharper angle view the white on VA panels turns slightly pale/yellowish. That is normal for VA.
Originally I was going to post a photo to illustrate this effect. But later I came across the video report from latest Samsung exposition.
Ironically, nothing shows VA's yellow flooding and picture washout better than Samsung exhibition!
Some people mistakenly believe that a violet or so tint of black color (from diagonal view) is a sign of IPS panel. Not at all. A common mistake.
VA panels have that feature too. The Dell 2408 is not an exception.
Is it a problem? Absolutely not. Just remember this when you try to tell one type of the panel from another. Violet tint may mislead you. The only reliable difference is VA’s color shifting while IPS has CRT-like stable picture.
Please watch video supplement Part #2.

That was a prelude.
Now it’s time to display photo images and see what we actually have on the Dell 2408 screen.
As we already know from the instrumental test, the Dell 2408 has outstanding contrast ratio, extra wide color gamut and can be calibrated very well.
“Instrumentally” speaking, after calibration the Dell 2408 is brilliant.
“Realistically” speaking… The problem is that the probe, as you can see in the heading picture, covers just a little portion of the screen for measurements. Unlike the probe, we see the picture in the whole.
Every square inch of the screen is visible at different angle. Different angle view for VA means …you know it … means color shifting (dark shadows loss from a straight view + picture washout from an angle view).