Office use.

The Dell 2408 features a panel size that is now an industry standard - 24” 1920x1200 screen.
Offering a great working space and readable standard fonts, 24” is an optimum for multitask use, including office applications.
The Dell has an excellent contrast ratio. Images are sharp. Green halos (if any) around fonts may be washed out with proper calibration.

The height of the screen is adjustable to a quite low.
But still leaves a little to be desired – the screen does not go all way down to the desk surface that would be the best for minimizing eye strain.
Another point is that monitor brightness cannot be set lower than ~127cd/m2 without the help of video adapter. If you do so, the contrast ratio will gradually go down from 1150:1 to 690:1. Still very good, though.
As we already know, the Dell 2408 is free of flickering at a high level of brightness. So do not discard your old computer. The Dell 2408 now has enough connectors to keep your older equipment alive. Set your old PC video adapter brightness control to low. Set your monitor brightness to high. Enjoy your multimedia on the main (powerful) PC, switch to the old one for longer office work and Internet browsing. Both cases flickering free!
It looks little odd and complicated but that’s quite possible.
A “vision protector” that the Dell 2408 lacks is a sort of autobrightness regulator – a great help for a longer work.