Let’s see where we are (among 24” contenders) with the Dell 2408 and the reference monitor NEC 2490 in terms of contrast ratio and level of black values.
I use the information published at a well-known test magazine behardware.com
Look at the picture below. I just added the Dell 2408 and the NEC 2490 to the list of tested monitors. Although it’s a sort of approximation, the comparison is possible as the measurement equipment is the same.
First of all, cross out two TN models (the Iiyama B2403WS and the Samsung 245B) and then look at the rest.
You can see nearly all popular players in the 24” market in this list.
The NEC 2490 with it’s absolute image quality and multitask suitability now beats VA contenders even on their former own field – black and contrast, and still reigns in 24” world.
Does anything else in the list attract your attention?
Definitely. It’s the Dell 2408.