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The Dell 2408 is a very much awaited 24” VA panel LCD monitor to replace the outdated 2407-HC.
In this short review I would like to draw your attention to some good and less good news about the new Hero, sometimes with comparison links to it’s predecessor and other monitors.

The equipment for the test includes:
Dell 2408WFP – test model
NEC 2490WUXi SpectraView – reference monitor
17” CRT monitor
2 brand name PCs
LaCie Blue Eye Pro calibration software
GretagMacbeth Eye-one Display2 probe
Blu-ray stand-alone player
DVD stand-alone player
Blu-ray movies
DVD movie
Digital Still Camera
Mini-DV Camcorder
Photo images


Looks like good news start here. We see an improved backlight system: 7 CCFL U-type instead of 6 CCFL U-type system. Dell also advertises better contrast ratio (1300:1 over 1000:1) and wider Color Gamut (102% over 92%). All that says that we have a new panel in this case. That’s promising.

Design and mechanics

2408 represents the same well-known classic design.

Overall build quality

This is a solid product in terms of assembly quality and materials used. There are no dead pixels found.
Minimal backlight bleeding is present in the left hand upper corner.