DVD and Video

Some people may be surprised to know that monitors equipped with HDMI input may not support Full HD (1080p).
Technically a motion picture with a resolution much better than DVD will be seen anyway. But that can be something other than 1080p in format and resolution.
There may be a big disappointment when a monitor has just one digital input and it is HDMI.
As to analog inputs (Component, Composite, S-Video – so-called “variety of inputs” - LOL), they are known to be useless.
Let’s start.
The Dell 2408 has an unprecedented selection of inputs.
I have tested all of them except DisplayPort.
For the test a PC, a Blu-ray player , a regular DVD player and a camcorder were used.
Movies for the test: Blue-ray 1080p “300”, “Pearl Harbor”, etc. and DVD “Breach”, “Desperado”.
The actual video format on the display was measured and compared with the reference monitor.