The Dell 2408 does not produce any kind of noise.
The upper part of the monitor is not very hot to touch. It’s within normal limit.
The NEC 2490 is much cooler though.


Great news here. 2408 features 2 DVI-D, 1 HDMI digital inputs along with 1 D-Sub, 1 Component-Video, 1 S-Video and 1 Composite Video. Also a futuristic DisplayPort is present. Please correct me if I am mistaking: this is the first time when Dell introduces (2408+3008) a model with more than one digital input. Finally! It’s better late than never.

The sound bar is optional. It can be easily attached to the monitor. A new feature is Audio Out connector. Presumably it is supposed to transmit sound from HDMI/DisplayPort connections without a separate audio cable.
I don’t have Dell’s sound bar for the test. I tried to connect headphones, computer speakers and separately bought sound system – everything without adequate result. IMO this Audio Out does not work on the test model. Playing with Audio Options in OSD did not help either. Maybe Dell’s brand name sound bar will work. Who knows?