It has been already written and shown so much about the Dell 2408 that there is little to add when we reach this point.
As for the games, major questions about picture quality, responsiveness and connectivity are already covered.
I tried FarCry and Need for Speed from PC. As a non-professional gamer, I have not found anything major to prevent the Dell 2408 from the use for moderate games.
My experience was flawless, with excellent colors.
Again, perception of those factors like response time, input lag, and overdrive issues is very individual.
Try your “playing stations” with both HDMI and DVI to compare.
If HDMI is still stuck to Video mode – forget it and go DVI for higher contrast and better colors.
“Zoom” option on the Dell 2408 works much better than on 2407-HC. It will be a plus in some cases: for educational programs, exam preparation tools with petit fonts. “Zoom” can make them legible without switching to lower resolution.